Mother earth drives technological advances when she cries in protest to the ambitions of the only life form on the planet that capable of changing her creations-MAN.  So now man has heard her protest and has come up with a technological creation to please Mother Earth.  Global warming has been blamed on carbon emissions and a lot those emission have been believed to come from the refrigerants mam uses in his climate controlled equipment-Air conditioning and refrigeration systems. So presently the new compressors that are capable on using the natural refrigerant that wont add or add very little to the current global warming crisis is coming to America.  You might be a little surprised when you find out what these new refrigerants are as they are name in the class Hydrocarbons.  Propane and Isobutane are what this new technology is about.  To learn more check out the Post carbon institute.

Subcool works hard to stay up on the latest technological advances in the Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning industry.  We want to provide the best service to our customers and this means Subcool has to continue to advance or we do our customers a disservice.  

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